We feared that we had lost them.

After four weeks our inaugural Youth Startup Lab cohort drifted looking for a business opportunity. Were we expecting too much from our team of six 12-15 year olds? And then the idea for Terrific Tacos materialized from their minds: a taco truck to serve healthier after-school snacks to their peers.

At first the idea remained a business on paper. Then we laid out the challenge: the group has six weeks left to debut this business. The six team members reacted with confusion at the responsibility they carried.

Expectations set, the spent hours prototyping in the kitchen and in the community. On May 7, 2016 Terrific Tacos debuted to over 100 customers, a great success. What youth like Ivory, Johnny and Kaloni experienced is the power of imagining a new reality and bringing that to life in our community. It was a difficult effort but that is part of the Youth Startup Lab journey to growth.

Good food business design, part of youth rewriting the narratives of their lives.